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No physical presence is required for the official translation
You can send us the file you wish to translate via e-mail or via fax.
A true copy of the original is certified and it is incorporated with the translation.
You may receive the translated documents from our office or we can send them by courier (extra charge applies).

► Translation from and to English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Serbian, Russian, Bulgarian and over 20 language combinations

(Contact us for the language you need)

► Proofreading/ Editing
Editing, proofreading and review of a text to improve it and avoid any possible errors.

► Translation and editing of a text in the following fields: Legal, Financial, Scientific, Medical, Technical, Non-Specialized, Websites, Certificates, Advertising Leaflets, Brochures, Degrees, Diplomas.

► Official translations equivalent to those provided by the translation service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for every legal use in public and private bodies.
Certified translations by lawyers and official foreign bodies for any legal use

► Website & e-shop translation
Accurate content localization
SEO and keywords for website optimization

► Studying abroad and participation in the ERASMUS program 
Translation of all documents required for working and studying abroad

Official translations for the participation in public sector competitions
Επίσημη μετάφραση όλων των απαιτούμενων εγγράφων, ώστε να γίνονται δεκτά από τον ΑΣΕΠ (μεταφράσεις πτυχίων, μεταπτυχιακών τίτλων, διδακτορικών, αναλυτικής βαθμολογίας, ξενόγλωσσων πτυχίων, πιστοποιητικών και δικαιολογητικών).

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